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The Amazing Benefits Of Polyester

Polyester is a material that is used in many different things. This ranges from wadding and batting to full fabrics. But what are the advantages of polyester? And what are some of the reasons why you should choose this material over all others? Find out by checking out this overview of polyester benefits.

Is Polyester The Best Choice For Durability?

Most fabrics are made quite strong these days, and this is no different for polyester. The fabric fibre has excellent resistance against frequent washing and abrasion, which means your crafting project will last longer.

Quilting is just one of the crafts where polyester is a much-desired material. In fact, polyester is popular for activewear because of its durability too. Since activewear needs to withstand frequent use as well as washing, polyester is the perfect material to cater for those requirements.

Is Polyester The Recommended Fabric For Sportswear?

We already briefly touched upon the subject of polyester's suitability for sportswear, mainly discussing its durability. However, there are many other reasons why polyester is suitable for sportswear applications. One of the biggest reasons being its ability to wick moisture.

Contrary to fabrics such as cotton, polyester does not hold onto moisture. In fact, it has the ability to wick moisture. As a result, sportswear made from polyester tends to dry quickly, ensuring the sweat and rain does not impact your overall comfort level. Of course, its fast-drying property is also quite handy for maintenance in general, as you can dry your sportswear after a wash quite quickly.

Another major reason why polyester is great for sportswear is the overall weight of the fabric. Polyester fabric is relatively lightweight and therefore does not hinder athletes during sports. Heavier clothing can be cumbersome for sports that involve running and other stamina-based athletics.

Why Should I Choose Polyester For Projects Other Than Clothing?

Spotlight mentioned a lot of benefits of polyester already. Of course, the benefits of polyester stretch out so far, there are also benefits that could make this particular fabric suitable other crafting projects, including quilting. Here are some of the other benefits crafters should be aware of when they make their fabric selection.

Stain resistance: Polyester is a fabric that has an incredible resistance to stains. Obviously, this makes the fabric extremely interesting for projects that are prone to staining.

The reason why polyester is so resistant to stains is the fact that it does not absorb moisture easily. When you spill a drink on polyester fabric, the fabric fibres are less likely to be saturated with the drink and form a permanent stain. Evidently, this makes polyester a smart choice for quilts that will be used in households with children or pets.

Less maintenance: Since polyester is such a strong and durable material - which includes resistance against wrinkles, shrinking, and much more - it is the perfect fabric for anyone who does not want to spend much money in maintaining their fabric. And since the fabric can withstand a lot of washes, you do not have to worry about putting this fabric in the washing machine.

Blended fabrics: Since polyester has so many benefits, it is often combined with natural fabric fibres such as cotton. As a result, crafters can take advantage of fabrics that provide the best of both worlds. In the case of cotton-polyester fabrics, this means you can benefit from the advantages of cotton as well as polyester.

Recyclable: Producing polyester is not necessarily the most eco-friendly process, but you do have to consider that the material is 100% recyclable. So, by using polyester in your crafting projects, you do not contribute to the landfill problem that plagues the world.

While there are more eco-friendly fabrics out there than polyester, the recyclable nature of polyester shows you that you can take advantage of this material if you are looking for materials that are better for the environment.

Affordable: One of the biggest reasons why most people choose polyester over other fabrics is the overall affordable nature of the material. Since polyester is manmade, it is easy to make and to source, this opposed to certain natural fibres that are harvested from plants.

As mentioned earlier, taking advantage of polyester does not mean you have to say goodbye to natural fibres completely. There are many manufacturers that use a combination of cotton and polyester in the same product, which means you can use both. In Spotlight's range of wadding, you will find wadding that is made with both materials as well.



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