Prima Patchwork Craft Caddy Project



  • Yellow Prima Homespun - 50cm
  • Teal Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Turquoise Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Orange Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Hot Pink Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Light Pink Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Lime Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Red Prima Homespun - 25cm
  • Foam Stabiliser - 1m
  • Matching thread


Make 2 x Patchwork Sides
Cut 5cm squares - 16 x teal, 4 x orange, 4 x lime, 4 x hot pink, 4 x turquoise

Sew 1 x teal square to each other colour square along one side. Press seams open.
Sew teal/orange to teal/lime along long side to make a square, making sure the teal squares end up opposite each other. Repeat for all squares in this colour. Sew teal/pink to teal/turquoise in the same way. Press all seams open. You should have 8 patchwork squares.
Trim the corners off each square to make a 5cm square, making sure the centre join is in the centre.
Cut 5 x yellow 5cm squares. Attach 5 yellow squares to 4 patchwork squares to make 3 panels, then join the 3 panels together as in the photo. Press all seams open as you go. Repeat for other patchwork piece.
Cut 4 x turquoise sashing 5.5cm x 20cm and attach to each side. Repeat for other patchwork piece. Press. Finished patchwork should measure 20cm x 20cm. Trim to size if necessary.

Make 2 x Side Panels
Cut 2 x yellow sides and 2 x foam stabiliser - 20cm x 15cm - Place yellow prima on top of foam and zig zag around edges; make 2 pieces.
For tool pocket, cut 2 x pink and 2 x lime - 14cm x 15cm - place 2 x pink pieces right sides together and stitch along one 14cm side. Turn right side out, place wrong sides together and press. Top stitch along this top edge. Place on yellow side panel aligning the bottom edge. Zig zag stitch sides and bottom edges together. 3cm from the left hand edge, stitch down from the top of the tool pocket, through all thicknesses, to the bottom edge. Then stitch another line 4cm to the right of the first one. Repeat process for the lime pieces to make the second side panel.
For padded pocket, cut 2 x pink, 2 x lime and 2 x foam stabiliser - 12cm x 15cm - place 1 x pink piece on either side of the foam and zig zag stitch around all edges. Cut a 4cm x 15cm piece of teal and bind the top edge of the pocket (15cm). Place on top of the lime tool pocket, bottom edges together and zig zag stitch sides and bottom edges. Repeat process, making a lime pocket and attaching it to the pink tool pocket.

Cut 1 x red and 1 x foam stabiliser - 15cm x 20cm - Place red prima on top of foam and zig zag around edges.

Joining the Panels
With right sides together, sew 1 x side panel to left side of patchwork panel, then 1 x side panel to the right side of the same patchwork panel. Attach the remaining patchwork panel to one of the side panels.
Place the base, right sides together, lengthwise along the bottom of the last patchwork panel. Stitch together, starting 1cm in from the end and stopping 1cm short of the other end. Pivot the base and stitch the short edge of the base to the bottom edge of the side pocket panel, stopping 1cm from the end. Repeat until all sides of the base are attached. Sew the last side of the back panel to the side pocket panel to finish the box shape. Gently turn right side out.

Make the lining
Cut yellow prima: 2 x squares - 20cm x 20cm and 3 x rectangles - 15cm x 20cm.
Using the same method as before in 'Joining the panels', sew 1 x 15x20cm piece to the left side of 20x20cm square, then attach the other 15x20cm piece to the right side of the square, etc. With right sides together, attach the 15x20cm base as before.

Insert the lining into the patchwork caddy, matching all the top edges. Cut teal binding 8cm x 75cm, fold in half lengthwise and press. Attach to the inside top edge of the caddy, then fold over the top edge to the outside of the caddy, pin or clip in place. Top stitch around edge of binding.



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