Gingham Scrunchie Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:


Cutting Out

Step 1 - Cut 1 x rectangle 60cm x 10cm in fabric

Step 2 - Cut 1x 23cm length of elastic

Sewing Together

Step 1 - Fold piece of fabric in half, right sides together lengthways.

Step 2 - Sew 1cm seam along long raw edge, leaving both short edges open forming a tube.

Step 3 - Turn the tube right side out. Press.

Step 4 - Attach safety pin to one end of cut elastic. Thread safety pin through one end of tube of fabric through to the opposite end. Forming a loop with the elastic, overlap both elastic ends by 1cm and stich to form a circle with the elastic.

Step 5 - Turn one raw edge of the tube under and overlap this over the opposite side of tube forming a circle with fabric and enclosing the elastic on the inside. Hand sew or machine stitch join in place. The fabric will naturally scrunch around the elastic forming a scrunchie.

Tip - Play with different lengths and widths of fabric for bigger or smaller scrunchies!



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