Drink Holders Project

Level: Easy


  • 15cm of 112cm wide AFL cotton fabric
  • 15cm of light/medium iron-on interfacing
  • 15cm of insulated wadding
  • 10cm sew on hook and loop tape
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler
  • Sewing machine, Sewing thread

Note: 1.5cm seam allowance is used unless specified


Step 1

Cut two pieces from AFL cotton fabric each measuring 13.5cm high by 27cm wide.

Cut one piece each from interfacing and wadding to the same measurements.

Step 2

Fuse interfacing onto the back of one of the cotton fabric pieces, then baste wadding on top of the interfacing side of the fabric.

Step 3

With right sides facing, pin remaining piece of AFL cotton fabric on top of layered fabric. Sew together through all layers leaving an 8cm gap on one of the short ends for turning out.

Trim wadding back to seam and clip corners. Turn out fabric to right side out. Press flat enclosing the open seam to inside. Hand sew opening closed.

Top stitch around the holder 5mm in from all outer edges.

Step 4

Pin one side of the hook and loop tape to front left side of the holder. Sew in place through all layers.

Flip the holder over and pin then sew the remaining side of the hook and loop tape to the left side through all layers (check that the tape is in line by rolling holder around to see if tape meets and joins).

Note: The bucket hats are made using Kwik Sew Pattern K4203 Misses Hood, Beanie and Hats



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