Developmental Hearts Project


What you'll need:

  • Cotton, flannelette or fleece fabric of your choice x 30cm (this will make a few)
  • Sewing machine or serger
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Finished size: 8in x 8in roughly. Exact size is not critical.

Please note: Not all Neonatal Hospitals accept sewn donations. For this reason, we request that donations are sent to the LLTF head office for distribution nationally.


Step 1 - Print out the pattern for the heart. Make sure to print it at 230%. Cut out the 1/2 heart. Make a full heart template by placing the 1/2 heart template on folder paper and cutting out your template.

Step 2 - Wash and dry all fabric before cutting out the hearts. Special detergent is not necessary but do not use one with added scent. Do not use fabric softener.


Sewing with a serger

Step 1 - Place two pieces of coordinated fabric with wrong sides together. Pin the heart template to the fabric and cut out to get two heart shapes from your fabric.

Step 2 - Place the hearts with wrong sides together and serge around the edge of the heart. If using the cutter knife to trim as you sew, make sure to only remove a sliver of the fabrics as to not remove too much of the width. If using the cutter knife, make sure to retract the knife when you reach the dip in the centre top of the heart.

Step 3 - Weave the ends in securely when serging is finished.


Sewing with a sewing machine

Step 1 - Lay two pieces of coordinating fabric with right sides together. Pin the heart template securely to the fabric and cut out the hearts.

Step 2 - Place the heart pieces together with right sides facing in and pin. Sew together with a narrow 0.5cm seam allowance around the edge of the heart, leaving a small gap of roughly 5cm.

Step 3 - Clip the point at the bottom of the heart and the dip in the middle of the top so the points turn nicely. Make sure to not clip through the stitching.

Step 4 - Turn the heart right side out and manipulate the edges with your fingers so the points are clean, and the seam line is on the edge. Iron to secure in place.

Step 5 - Slip stitch the opening of the heart closed or top stitch around the edge of the heart 3mm from the edge to close the gap and finish the heart.



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