Covered Coat Hangers Project

Level: Easy


  • 112cm wide Printed Cotton 50cm
  • Wooden Hangers
  • Polyester Wadding
  • Sewing Machine, scissors, needle and thread, tape measure

Read all instructions carefully beforecommencing the project.


Step 1 - Using the hanger as a pattern for shape cut out enough wadding to cover the hanger all the way around. Hand stitch into place along the bottom edges and sides to secure the wadding. Cut a small slit where the hole is for the hanger hook in the wadding for easy access.

Step 2 - Cut a straight strip of cotton fabric that is 4cm longer at each end of the hanger and will fit around the wadding plus 2x1cm seam allowance.

Step 3 - With right sides together fold in half lengthways and sew along the long side leaving a small gap at the middle point for the hanger hooks.

Step 4 - Turn to the right side after ironing the seam allowance open and ease over the wadding with the seam line at the top of the hanger. Fold in the raw edges at one end, sew a gathering stitch around the crease and draw up tightly. Secure the thread through the wadding then sew along the hanger to the other opening and repeat. Insert the hanger hook through the small gap in the middle of the hanger. Distribute gathers evenly along the hanger.



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