Cardigan & Booties Project



  • Approx size 12" worked in one piece to armhole with no side seams
  • Use 4 Ply yarn or 3 Ply to make smaller, Size 10 or 3.25 needles


Cast on 104 sts and work 3 rows in garter st (every row K). Keeping 3 sts at each end, in garter st, work 30 rows in stocking st (K 1 row P 1 row). (If you wish a small pattern maybe worked on the 1st 6 to 8 rows, or on both fronts, using 6-8 sts inside garter st border)

Next row make a buttonhole, K1, yfwd K2 tog.

Complete row as before, work 1 more row.

Divide for arm hole:

Pattern 28 sts, cast off the next 4 sts, (leaving 26 on needle). K 46, incl the st on needle. Cast off 4, patt to end (should leave 26-44-26). Continue on the last 26 sts (keeping 3 sts at the end in garter st).

1st row: P

Next row: K1, SI, K1 psso. Patt to the end. Rep these 2 rows to 16 sts finishing at the neck edge.

Cast off. 6 sts and dec 1 st at the neck edge on the following 4 rows. Continue dec at the armhole edge as before to 2 sts. P2 tog. Rejoin wool to 44 sts and P to end.

Next row: K1,S1 K1 psso, K to last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1. Rep last 2 rows to 18 sts. P 1 row and cast off. Rejoin wool. To last 26 sts, P to the last 3 sts, K3, Patt next row to the last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1, rep last 2 rows to 22 sts finishing at front edge.

Next row: Make buttonhole. K1 yfwd K2 tog. K to last 3 sts, K2 tog. K1, patt to end.

Complete to match the left front reversing all shapings.


Cast on 26 sts and garter st 5 rows. Continue in stocking st inc. 1 st at each end of next and then every following 6th row until 36 sts. Stocking st 7 more rows ending on a P row. 32 rows of stocking st have now been worked

Shape top

Cast off 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows

Next row: K1 SI K1 pass slip st over, K to the last 3 sts K2 tog. K1

Next row: P to end. Continue with these 2 rows until 6 sts remain.


Join raglan seams. Pick up 48 sts evenly around the neck. Garter st 5 rows making a buttonhole. Cast off, sew up seams neatly and add buttons.


(These booties will fit a 26 wk baby in 4 Ply). Using 3mm needles (size 11) & 3 or 4 Ply wool, cast on 25 sts

1st row: K 1 row

2nd row: Rib 8 rows

10th row: K yfwd K2 tog to end of row (making ribbon row)

11th row: P 1 row

12th row: K 1 row

13th row: P 1 row

14th row: K15 sts, turn P5, continue on these 5 sts for 8 rows ending in P row. Break yarn leaving 2" or 5cm

22nd row: With right side facing rejoin yarn at point of right needle and pick up 5 sts evenly up right side. K5 sts from needle then pick up 5 sts down other side and K to the end of the row

23rd row: P1 row

24th row: K1 row

25th row: P1 row

26th row: K1 K2tog K6 K2tog K3 K2tog K3 K2tog K3 K2tog K6 K2tog K1 (29 sts)

27th row: K1 row

28th row: K1 K2tog K5 K2tog K2 K2tog K1 K2tog K2 K2tog K5 K2tog K1 (23sts)

29th row: K1 row

30th row: K1 row

Cast off.



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