Tropical Quilting Project



  • Fabrics are from Tropical Dreams range
  • 2m Fabric A - Fronds, green
  • 1.3m Fabric B - Diamonds, green
  • 90cm Fabric C - Weave, green (includes binding & bag lining)
  • 1.6m x 1.6m Backing fabric of choice
  • 1.6m x 1.6m Sew Easy cotton batting
  • 50cm Birch Woven Fusible Interfacing
  • Simplicity Pom Pom Trim 19mm, yellow
  • Simplicity Natural Braid 19mm, natural
  • Matching Gutermann 100% cotton thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat & quilters rulers
  • Quilting pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine with 1/4" foot & walking foot


Rug Measures:
57" x 57" (145cm x 145cm)

Note: All fabrics should be 100% cotton, washed & pressed. 1/4" seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated. Read all instructions carefully before commencing project.



All strips are cut across the width of fabric unless otherwise stated.

  • From each of Fabric B cut a 40" square for the centre of the rug.
  • From Fabric A cut four 10" wide strips lengthways down the fabric - two 60" long and two 40" long.
  • From Fabric C cut 6 x 2 1/2" strips for binding.


Step 1. Sew a 10" x 40" Fabric A strip to opposite sides of the 40" Fabric B square. Press seams towards the strips. Sew a 10" x 60" Fabric A strip to top and bottom of the 40" Fabric B square. Press seams towards the strips.
Step 2. Layer the backing, batting and top and baste together. Quilt as desired. Trim edges.
Step 3. Sew pompom trim to opposite sides of the rug.
Step 4. Join the 6 x 2 1/2" binding strips together on the bias to make one long strip. Press in half lengthwise and sew around edges.
Step 5. Fold the entire binding to the back and hand stitch in place.
Step 6. Using the machine topstitch around all sides 1/8" from the edge.


Step 7. From Fabric A and woven interfacing cut two rectangles 16" x 16½". Cut two strips 16" x 5" from Fabric B and woven interfacing. Following manufacturers instructions fuse interfacing to wrong side of each fabric piece.
Step 8. Pin a length of pompom trim to the bottom edge of Fabric A pieces with edge of trim along raw edge of fabric and pompoms facing into the centre. Sew in place. Pin 5" strip to the bottom edge of each 16½" rectangle
on top of the pompom trim. Sew together and press seams towards Fabric B.
Step 9. With right sides facing, pin the two pieces together at the sides and across the bottom, matching seams at sides. Sew together down the sides and across the bottom. Press seams open.
Step 10. To create the base, flatten out the bottom and match the side seam to the seam at the bottom. Pin together. To create a 4" base mark 2" down from the point and rule across to form a triangle. Stitch across end. Trim seam to ¼", cutting off the point. Repeat for the other end of the base and press well.
Step 11. Press top edge over 1/2" to the wrong side. Turn bag right side out.
Step 12. For the lining, cut two 16" x 21" rectangles rom Fabric C. Pin together with right sides facing and sew together down sides and across the bottom. Press seams open and repeat step 10 to create the base.
Step 13. Press top edge over 1/2" to the wrong side. Do not turn right side out.
Step 14. Insert lining into bag with wrong sides facing. Pin together around top edge matching side seams. Topstitch bag to lining around the top ?" from the edge.
Step 15. To make tabs for the braid cut six 3" squares from Fabric A and six 3" squares from woven interfacing. Fuse interfacing to squares.
Step 16. Press opposite sides of squares ¼" to the wrong side and topstitch. Fold tab in half with wrong sides facing and sew together. With seam across the centre press seam open. Repeat for all tabs.
Step 17. Pin tabs to outside of bag, 1" down from top edge with seam facing bag. Pin 3 tabs to each side of the bag one in the centre, the others closer to the side seams. 18. Sew tabs in place along top and bottom edges, leaving ends open. Thread braid through the tabs, pull tight and tie ends together to secure.



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