Solar System Quilt Project

Level: Easy


  • 1 x Solar System Iron On Motifs
  • Backing fabric
  • Cotton wadding
  • Heat n Bond 30cm
  • 4 x Fabric Traditions - (Yellow for the sun and corners, Navy for the galaxy and Turquoise and Purple for borders and binding.)


Step 1 - Navy Fabric Traditions Cut a piece 85cm x 110cm.

Step 2 - Yellow Fabric Traditions Cut a piece 30cm x 30cm for the sun and cut four 12.5cm x 12.5cm squares for the corners

Step 3 - Turquoise Fabric Traditions Cut four strips 7.5cm x 112cm for borders

Step 4 - Purple Fabric Traditions Cut four strips 12.5cm x 112cm for borders and cut five strips 5.5cm x 112cm for the binding

Step 5 - Cut backing fabric and wadding 133cm x 165cm

Step 6 - Copy the sun image onto the Heat n Bond paper. Following the Heat n Bond instructions, iron Heat n Bond image onto Yellow Fabric Traditions, cut out the sun shape, then iron sun onto Navy Fabric Traditions

Step 7 - Lay backing on table, smooth wadding on top of backing and centre Navy Fabric Traditions on top of wadding. Birch Quilt Basting Spray can be used to do this step but is optional.

Step 8 - Using a chalk pencil, draw 9 orbits around the sun, pin and stitch.

Step 9 - Pin Turquoise Fabric Traditions along top and bottom of panel (all thicknesses) and sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance. Press strips open to extend panel. Pin turquoise strips to both sides of panel including over previous strips. Press strips open.

Step 10 - Sew a Yellow Fabric Traditions square to each 12.5cm wide Purple Fabric Traditions strips and add to the quilt in the same way as the Turquoise strips, placing the yellow squares in each corner. Press strips open.

Step 11 - Trim quilt to edge of yellow and purple borders.

Step 12 - Sew 5.5cm wide Purple Fabric Traditions binding strips end to end with a diagonal seam and iron in half lengthwise. Pin folded binding along quilt edges, mitring the corners as you go. Sew. Fold binding over to back of quilt so that folded edge sits past the stitching line. Pin. Either hand sew binding in place on the back of quilt or 'ditch stitch' from the front of the quilt making sure the binding is caught at the back.

Step 13 - Place iron on planet motifs on orbit lines around the sun and iron as directed.



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