Rose & Hubble Quilt Project



  • 40cm of 12 different Rose & Humble designs
  • 1m of a 13th Rose & Humble design for your border
  • 105x105cm of backing
  • 105x105cm of wadding
  • Basting spray


Step 1. To make the 16 log cabin blocks needed for this 1x1m mini quilt you will need to cut from an assortment of all 13
Rose & Humble designs:

  • 16 pieces 10x10cm
  • 16 pieces 5x10cm
  • 32 pieces 5x14cm
  • 32 pieces 5x18cm
  • 32 pieces 5x22cm
  • 16 pieces 5x26cm

Step 2. Sewing with a 5mm allowance, to make a log cabin block start with a 10x10cm square and attach a 5x10cm rectangle. After you sew on each piece, press and trim to keep straight.

Step 3. Sewing anti-clockwise, add two 5x14cm strips, two 5x18cm strips, two 5x22cm strips and finish with a 5x26cm strip, remembering to press and trim after each piece is added. Your finished log cabin block should be 26x26cm.

Step 4. Repeat step 2 & 3 continue until you have 16 log cabin blocks. Sew into four rows of four, and combine those to create a 4x4 block square. Press and baste to the centre of your wadding.

Step 5. Apply your backing fabric to the other side of your wadding and quilt all three layers together.

Step 6. Cut your border fabric into four strips 12x112cm and with a hot iron press folded in half, with each side folded in half again to create a bias binding.

Step 7. Pin and sew two opposite sides of your border, trimming away the excess fabric.

Step 8. Pin the remaining two border piece on, remembering to fold in the corners for a neat finish before sewing.



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