Rainbow Blender Quilt Project




  • 30cm of 14 different quilting blenders
  • 2.9m white prima homespun
  • 1.7m Cosy Cotton natural wadding (254cm wide)

Note: All fabrics should be 100% Cotton. Washed and pressed. 1/4" seam allowance.

Rainbow Blender Quilt Project
Rainbow Blender Quilt Project Download Rainbow Blender Quilt Project


STEP 1: To start, you will need 81 squares at 13x13cm cut from the 14 blenders for the front.
Sew these together in a 9x9 arrangement.

STEP 2: From the white Prima, cut two lengths, the first 110cm long leaving 180cm left over.

STEP 3: For the front border you will need two panels 110x35cm and two longer panels of 180x35cm. The final front face should end up 180x180cm.

STEP 4: For the back you will need 25 squares 26x26cm from the same blenders, you may like to
break a few up into triangles.

STEP 5: Use the remaining white Prima to create the back border. The finished product should be
170x170cm, cutting the wadding to match. Once you have all three layers together, (the front being larger) sandwich and quilt together in, for this project I used a walking foot to create the spaghetti stitching.

STEP 6: Fold the excess fabric from the front face over to the back, sewing a slim border to finish neatly.

Rainbow Blender Quilt Project Download Rainbow Blender Quilt Project
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