Quilted Wall Hanging Series Project

Level: Easy


  • A selection of Prima colours to suit your colour pallet x 1m of each dependent of the size of your wall hangings.
  • Approximately 2metres of vliesofix, dependent on the size of your wall hangings
  • Iron
  • Pins, sicssors, tape measure, quilting tools
  • Sewing Machine and matching thread
  • Frixion pen
  • Dowl to hang the finished piece by


4 x 19 inches


Step 1 - Print out the patterns. Remember when printing out your images to trace around to get the right sizes and shapes drawn onto your vliesofix. Make sure you print all your images reversed! as your images will be flipped back to the correct way when you lay them down onto your fabric.

Step 2 - Each wall hanging has the main colour as the full background. Cut your main fabric for the wall hanging approximately 2-3 inches larger than needed. Mark the main size out with a frixion pen so that you can see exactly where your image will sit edge to edge.

Step 3 - Draw around each shape that will be needed for the wall hanging onto your vliesofix. Allow extra for a small amount of fabric to lie under or over the connecting piece of fabric. Tip: It is best to have the lighter image as the piece that is underneath the darker piece that overlays your image.

Step 4 - Cut out roughly and with extra vliesofix around so that you have extra to iron onto your main fabric. Once it is ironed onto your main piece of fabric you can then cut it to its correct shape needed. This gives you nice clean edges.

Step 5 - Once all pieces are cut lay them out as they will be placed onto the wall hanging and mark up with your frixion pen where the pieces will go. Once the vliesofix is cooled and ready you can then tear the paper off the back pieces of fabric place and iron down into their correct spots.

Step 6 - Sandwich and Quilt to finish.



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