Prima Homespun Quilt Project



  • Fabric
    All quantities based on average width of usable fabric being 40 inches wide.
  • 3 X white fabrics of varying shades
  • 10 inch X 10 inch squares
  • 7 X 9 Squares = 63 squares

21 squares of each fabric

  • Off white
    6 X 10 inch strips of fabric = 60 inches or 1.6
    meters of fabric
  • Crisp white
    6 X 10 inch strips of fabric = 60 inches of fabric
  • Cream
    6 X 10 inch strips of fabric = 60 inches of fabric

Binding fabric - white

  • 8 X 2.5 inch strips white fabric = 20 inches or 0.6
    meters of fabric

Backing fabric - white = 4 meters

Variation of Pinks/plush/peach

  • 96 = 3 inch X 3 Inch Square
  • 96 = 4 inch X 4 Inch Square
    1 X Contrast colour (In this case I used a teal stripe)
    4 = 3 inch X 3inch square


Finished size: 209cm X 163cm, 82 inch X 64 inch


I found it useful to lay out my rows of squares to figure out my pattern of big triangle and small triangle.

You will need:

  • 4 squares that are corner pieces
  • 24 Squares that are edge pieces
  • 35 centre pieces
  • Piecing Squares
  • White Square 10 X 10 inches
  • Medium Pinks Square 4 inch X 4 inches
  • Small Pink Square 3 inch X 3 inch

Lay a medium square on top of the white large square - right sides together.
Sew a line through the centre.

Trim 1/4 inch away from the sewn line. Press open.

Repeat the above with the small squares

Make sure to check your pattern as you go to make sure the pattern of big triangle and small triangle is correct.

To make this quilt, sew 7 squares across together to form a row. You should have 9 rows. Then join the rows together.

I used a high loft batting to give it a lofty appearance and the quilt was hand quilted in a crosshatch pattern.

I would not recommend using a high loft wadding if you are going to machine sew the quilt.

The quilt was washed at 40c in a front loader to get it looking crinkly and lovely, also to wash out the drawn lines for the hand quilting.



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