Pearl Island Quilt Project




  • 25cm of eight bright colours in blues and greens
  • 20cm of two yellows
  • 25cm in five different whites/creams
  • 35cm of white for the inner border
  • 60cm of blue for the outer border
  • 60cm of green for the edging
  • 2m wadding & backing

Pearl Island Quilt Project
Pearl Island Quilt Project Download Pearl Island Quilt Project


Step 1. To start, you will need 25 colour patches and 25 white patches. To create your colour patches, you will need 16 squares 10x10cm in each of your eight bright colours. Sew 2x2 to create each colour patch. You should have at least 26 single squares left over.

Step 2. To make your white patches, you will need 72 and 74 squares in each yellow 5.5x5.5cm. These yellows will be used in opposite corners of your white patches. Cut five 10x10cm squares in each
white, 21 5.5x10cm rectangles in each white, and 3 long rectangles 5.5x20cm in each white. Most of these will make 5 white patches with each of your five different white/cream fabrics. Use your left over yellows, white 5.5x10cm rectangles and long white rectangles to complete the outer

Step 3. Once your patchwork is complete, create your border with 6cm wide lengths of white.
Followed by 10cm wide lengths of blue.

Step 4. Once you have sandwiched your quilt use 10cm wide lengths of green folded over to edge
your quilt.

Pearl Island Quilt Project Download Pearl Island Quilt Project
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