Mermaids Please Quilt Project

Level: Intermediate


  • White: 90cm
  • Light Pink: 90cm
  • 9 x 20cm mix of darker fabrics of your choice


50 inches (127cm) x 60 inches (152cm)


Step 1 - Cut out the below from each of your fabrics.

Cut 15 x 6 inch squares of white fabric and cross cut to make up 60 triangles.

Cut 15 x 6 inch squares of light pink fabric and cross cut to make up 60 triangles.

Cut: 60 x 6 inch squares from the 5 mixed fabrics and cross cut to make up 120 triangles.

Step 2 - Piece one light fabric with one of the darker and sew together making up a 5 1/2 inch square, iron flat. Continue sewing all lighter fabrics (white and pink) to the darker fabrics until you have 120 squares

Step 3 - Before sewing blocks or rows together layout your pattern of the quilts on a surface so you are happy with the placement of the fabrics and have it in order as you would like it to appear.

Sticking to the pattern with the light and dark fabrics placed in the appropriate order. Take your time and as more are placed the pattern will begin to appear.

Step 4 - Step back from the placement of all pieces and take a photograph. If there are any mistakes in the pattern this is an easy way to check over it and see if you have all the dark and light fabrics in the appropriate places. It is also good to keep as a record in case the fabrics get moved.

Step 5 - Start by sewing two square blocks together, take your time so as not to destroy your layout of the fabrics. Do a few at a time and then replace them back into the spots they belong. Once all blocks have been partnered up, then sew them into a larger square with 4 blocks sewn together.

As you continue to block your quilt together, they will become larger pieces to sew together until you end up with two or three panels that you will then fully sew together, and your quilt top will be complete.

Step 6 - Once complete sandwich and quilt. Enjoy!



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