Jocelyn Proust Quilt 5 Project

Level: Intermediate

Finished size: 205x205cm

What You'll Need:

  • 70 cm x 4 Dark Fabrics
  • 60 cm x 4 Light Fabrics
  • 25cm x 2 Medium Fabrics


Dark Fabric Cut:

4 - 8.5 x 8.5 inch squares

8 - 4.5 x 8.5 inch rectangles

4 - 4.5 inch squares

108 - 5 x 5 inch squares and cross cut for triangle

Light Fabrics:

36 - 4.5 inch squares

108 - 5 x 5 inch squares and cross cut for triangle

A selection of atleast 2 medium contrast fabrics

Cut: 18 - 5 x 5 inch squares and cross cut for triangle

To make up the medium contrast fabric squares sew these together to form 4inch squares and lay

out as it appears in pattern.

Lay out as you would like the fabrics to appear and sew the dark and light triangles together to form

4 inch squares, then sewing the larger blocks together.

When putting this pattern together it is best to lay out the design first and then piece it altogether as

there are some pattern pieces that need to match with one another.

Create 9 stars first.

Lay the fabrics and stars out in the way you would like the pattern to appear, keeping the light and

contrasting fabric in correct positions so the stars are defined nicely.

The Medium fabric makes up the inner squares of the stars and the dark and light fabrics create the

pointed star effect around it.

The light squares on each of the corners of the first block will make up the larger star so spread the

fabric combinations out to give it a good balanced effect.

These are the two main blocks to focus on sewing together:

These blocks create the design of the quilt and the rest of the fabrics can now be placed around

them in the positions you would like your fabrics to appear, keeping the light and dark fabrics in

their correct positions.

Bare in mind that the 4 squares highlighted in red will have the same fabric co-ordinating to form the

points of the larger star when putting together. Please see graph below for reference. This helps to

bring out the pattern of the star.

Here is the template to refer to when laying out your fabric.



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