Jocelyn Proust Christmas Quilt Project



  • 5 metres cream fabric
  • 2 metres assorted Jo Proust Christmas fabrics for each of the blocks plus
  • 70cm Jo Proust Christmas fabric for outside border.
  • 5 metre Jo Proust Christmas fabric for binding.
  • 5 metres backing fabric
  • 6 metres cotton/polyester batting
  • Matching Gutterman 100% cotton thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat and quilters ruler
  • Quilting pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sewing machine foot and walking foot
  • Marking pen


All fabric should be 100% cotton, washed and pressed. ¼” seam allowance used throughout unless indicated.

Please read all instructions carefully before commencing the quilt.



Note: You will need to decide on a fabric for the centre of each square and set the square aside during the cutting process - 9 centre squares (3.5") in total required.

Step 1 - Cut 13 strips at 3.5" wide and crosscut into 3.5" squares (total of 153 squares required)

Step 2 - Cut 8 x 2" squares of fabric from each of the 9 fabrics you have selected to form your centre stars. These smaller squares will form the points of each of your stars.

Outside Border

Step 3 - Cut 6 strips at 4" wide. These will need to be joined later to create the 4 outside border pieces.


Step 4 - Cut 6 strips at 2.5" wide.


From cream fabric -


Step 5 - Cut 6 strips at 3.5" wide and crosscut into 3.5" squares (total of 72 squares required).


Step 6 - Cut 13 strips at 2" wide. These will be cut later into the various sashing lengths required.

Centre star

Step 7 - Using a water-soluble pen draw a diagonal line through the centre of each of the 2" squares.

Step 8 - Divide the cream 3.5" squares into 9 groups (8 squares in total) and separate the 2" squares into the 9 groups ensuring that your 2" squares match within each block.

Step 9 - Place one 2" square in the corner of a cream square, right sides facing and ensuring that diagonal line is running across the corner of the square (see diagram 1).

Sew along drawn line. Trim away the corner leaving a ¼” seam. Press triangle back towards corner of square. You have now created a star point (see diagram 2).

Step 10 - Place another 2" square on the opposite side of the cream square and sew along the marked line. Trim away the corner leaving a ¼” seam. (see diagram 3). Press triangle back towards corner of square. (see diagram 4). Repeat this step for the remaining star points.

Tip - when sewing on the marked line, be careful to not sew too far towards the centre of the cream square otherwise you will have insufficient seam allowance when you fold back the newly created star point.

Step 11 - Sew the star centre together by joining your squares into 3 rows of 3, press seams. Refer to diagram 5 for reference.

Step 12 - Join the 3 rows together ensuring seams are matched. Your centre star is now complete (diagram 5). Repeat steps 11 and 12 for each centre star - 9 stars in total.

Step 13 - Gather your group of 16 assorted Christmas fabrics. Sew 2 rows made up of 3 squares and sew 2 rows made up of 5 squares. Press seams.

Step 14 - Sew the two shorter rows to the sides of the centre square block matching seams. Press seams to one side.

Step 15 - Sew the longer rows to the top and bottom of the centre square block matching seams. Press seams to one side.

Repeat Steps 13 and 14 for each of the 9 blocks. This completes the blocks which should now measure 15.5".

Step 16 - Lay your blocks out into 3 rows wide by 3 columns high. Once you are happy with the layout you can add your sashing strips.

Step 17 - Cut 6 short internal sashing pieces (2" x 15.5"long) from your 2" strips of cream fabric.

Step 18 - Join two sashing pieces to each side of the 3 blocks you have chosen as your row centres. Press seams to one side.

Step 19 - Join the remaining blocks to each of the sashing pieces created 3 rows made up of 3 blocks with sashings.

Step 20 - Join together cream 2" wide long strips and cut so that you have 4 x 48.5" long sashing pieces. Sew sashing pieces between your rows to join rows together. Sew the remaining sashing strips to the top and bottom of the quilt top.

Step 21 - Join together 2" long strips and cut to create 2 x 51.5" long sashing pieces and join to the outside edges of the quilt top so that the quilt has sashing all the way around.

Step 22 - Join together the 4" wide long strips and cut into 2 x 51.5" short border pieces and 2 x 58.5" long border pieces.

Step 23 - Attach the two shorter pieces (51.5") to the top and bottom of the quilt piece.

Step 24 - Attach the two longer pieces (58.5") long border pieces to the sides of the quilt. The quilt top is now completed.

Step 25 - Cut backing fabric in half so that you have 2 x 1.7 metre lengths and join together to create one large backing piece.

Step 26 - Lay the backing, batting and quilt top and baste together. Quilt as desired.

Step 27 - Join the 6 x 2.5" wide binding strips on the bias to make one long strip. Press in half lengthwise and sew around the quilt, mitring the corners as you sew. Attach a label or sign and date your quilt.



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