Ditsy Blender Quilt Project



  • 6 x 50cm of different colour variations of fabric from our Ditsy Blender Collection
  • Pins, scissors, rulers, sewing machine and thread.


Finished Quilt Size - 120cm x 70cm


Print out the drunkards path template and if you can it may be worth laminating so the template becomes a little sturdier to draw around.

From each fabric cut:

16 - 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 inch squares

16 - 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch squares

Using a fabric pen trace around the templates onto each square and then cut out.


Once all the pieces have been cut out lay out all of the pieces into your chosen arrangement. Once you have completed photograph the layout so it is easier to put back together again, in case they lose their positions.

Sew each corresponding outer circle to the chosen inner circle pressing each as you go.

It's best to press the seams together to the inner circle preparing for the next pieces to be sewn together.

Once all the of the drunkards path semi circles have been sewn together and all are pressed to the inner circle follow stage 2 to neaten up each square and cut along the seam leaving 1/4 inch seam on each side for sewing each block together to achieve the scalloped look. By trimming down it allows for a much neater finish to your squares. Once trimmed start sewing the pieces together in sets of 4. Once completed sew row by row together until the whole quilt top has been pieced together. Remember to keep pressing as you sew to keep things neat and flat. Once quilt top is complete, sandwich with batting and backing fabric. Quilt and then place binding onto outer edge.

Note - These templates have been scaled. You will need to blow them up by 250% to make them full size. Or alternatively you can draft the pattern yourself using the measurements provided.

Cutting Templates - Stage 1 (refer to Project Sheet)

Cutting Templates - Stage 2 (refer to Project Sheet)



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