Butterfly Paradise Quilt Project

Level: Easy


  • 1 x Butterfly Paradise panel
  • Backing fabric (B/Fly Paradise Tossed B/Fly Blue/B/Fly Paradise Medallion)
  • Cotton wadding
  • 5 contrast B/Fly Paradise fabrics for blocks, borders and binding


Step 1 - Using B/Fly Paradise Mini B/Fly, cut 80 triangles 20cm across the base and 10cm from base to the peak.

Step 2 -Cut 10 B/Fly Paradise Blocks and sew 1 Mini B/Fly triangle to each side of each block. Press. You should have 10 squares.

Step 3 -Using B/Fly Paradise Medallion, cut strips 6.5cm wide and attach to each side of square in a clockwise direction. Press
after each strip is attached. Repeat for each of the 10 squares. Trim squares so that the strips on each side are 5cm wide.

Step 4 -Using B/Fly Paradise Mini B/Fly, cut 10 large triangles 47cm across the base and 24.5cm from base to the peak.

Step 5 -Using B/Fly Paradise Mini B/Fly, cut 8 medium triangles 34cm across the base and 18cm from base to the peak.

Step 6 -Sew these triangles to the squares you have made to make sections as in the photo. Press.

Step 7 - Sew top 3 sections together along diagonal lines. Sew bottom 3 sections together along diagonal lines. Sew 2 side sections together. Repeat for the other side. Press.

Step 8 -Attach sides to top section then sew bottom to the sides. Press.

Step 9 - Make backing 200cm long by 170cm wide. Lay backing on table, smooth wadding on top of backing and centre the sewn blocks and triangles right side up on top of wadding.

Step 10 - Press under the top, bottom and sides of B/Fly Paradise Heart Panel and centre the panel on top of the sewn blocks.
Pin in place. Top stitch with matching thread around the edges of panel.

Step 11 - Cut B/Fly Paradise Texture strips 4cm wide and attach to blocks and triangles along both long sides. Press strips open. Pin4cm strips to top and bottom edges and sew in place. Press strips open.

Step 12 - Cut B/Fly Paradise Tossed B/Fly MLT strips 5cm wide and attach to quilt as before along the long sides, then cut strips
10cm wide and attach to the short sides, pressing strips as you go.

Step 13 - Trim backing and wadding to edge of borders.

Step 14 - Cut binding fabric (B/Fly Paradise Texture) into strips 9cm wide and iron in half lengthwise. Pin these long, folded strips, edge to edge along the sides of the quilt. Sew. Fold binding over to back of quilt so that folded edge sits past the stitching line. Pin. Either hand sew binding in place on the back of quilt or 'ditch stitch' from the front of the quilt making sure the binding is caught at the back.

Step 15 - Repeat #10 for binding the top and bottom edges of the quilt, folding the ends of the binding over neatly at the corners. Finished!



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