Alphabet Quilt with Felt Letters Project

Level: Easy


  • 6 x Prima Fat Flats - different colours
  • Cream Homespun - 110 x 110cm
  • Printed Backing - 110 x 110cm
  • Cotton wadding - 110 x 110cm
  • 5m Heat n Bond Lite
  • Walking foot
  • Felt in correlating colours to the Prima Fat Flats
  • Hobby Fill


  1. Cut out stencils for each letter of the alphabet, making the letters 13.5cm tall. We used the font Calibri, size 600.
  2. Place the stencils face down on to the paper side of the Heat n Bond and trace. Note: the letters will be back to front. Roughly cut out around each letter. Keep the printed alphabet aside as you will use them later to create the felt letters.
  3. Decide what colour fabric for each letter and iron Heat n Bond shapes onto the wrong side of the coloured fabric (place baking paper over Heat n Bond to keep your iron clean).
  4. Cut out all letters precisely.
  5. Lay wadding on table, centre the cream homespun right side up on top of wadding and smooth out. Place the backing face down on top of the cream homespun. Pin around all edges, leaving a 50cm gap along the bottom edge for turning. Using the walking foot attachment on your sewing machine, stitch around edges. Clip corners. Turn right side out through the opening and press. Top stitch around all edges.
  6. Position letters on the quilt, measuring so that all lines are straight.
  7. Remove the backing paper from each letter and iron in place (use baking paper again).
  8. Using the walking foot, satin stitch around each letter with matching thread, starting in the centre with the 'N' and working outwards.
  9. Take the printed letters from step 1 and trace around them onto the corresponding felt colours. Cut out with a 5mm seam allowance around each one.
  10. Sew together the felt letters with a 3mm seam allowance. Leave a few gaps open on each letter so you can easily fill it with hobby fill.
  11. Once all the letters are sewn use a pencil to stuff hobby fill into each letter. Don't overstuff if as the felt can be a bit fragile.
  12. Once all your letters are filled, sew the open edges closed and your alphabet quilt is ready to be used! You may want to make a drawstring bag or store the letters in a box to keep them all together.


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