Sculpey Wall Hanging Project

Level: Easy


  • Sculpey Souffle Clay in Guava, Igloo, Latte, Cowboy, Cinnamon & Canary
  • Sculpey Tools
  • Rolling Pin
  • Wilton Star Cut Outs Silver
  • Needle or Punch tool
  • Baking Paper
  • Twine
  • Scissors


Step 1 - Think about the design you want to create and draw a rough design out to help you figure out how many pieces/what shapes you will need to create for your wall hanging. You need to think through your design so that you make sure you have holes in the right places (top, bottom, sides etc) to ensemble your pieces together once they are complete.

Step 2 - Next choose the colour palette you wish to work with and find sculpey colours to match. If you can't find the exact colour you can mix sculpey in a similar way to mixing paint to create your own colour. For example, we used Igloo to lighten colours and to create the reddish brown pieces, we mixed Cowboy & Cinnamon. 

Step 3 - Once you have your design and colour pallet ready to go you can begin. Roll out the sculpey to your desired thickness, we chose 0.5cm and either use the sculpey shape cutters to cut out your different shapes or you can cut things out free hand using the sculpey cutting tools. Repeat this process with each shape needed for your design.

Step 4 - Once you have your shapes created and cut out of sculpey you can lay them onto baking paper and use a tooth pick to put holes into your shapes for assembling later. Some pieces will need 2 holes in each shape, refer to your design to determine where and how many holes are needed.

Step 5 - Bake your sculpey in the oven between 2 sheets of baking paper for 15mins at 130C. Let cool before handling.

Step 6 - Now using the pliers and wire you can assemble your shapes in the desired layout, refer back to your design as you work. The possibilities are endless so let your creativity go wild and see what creations you come up with! You can add beads, tassels and create multiple strands.

Hang on the wall to finish.



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