Pantry Organising Tips

Level: Easy



Step 1 - Remember to give yourself time and focus on one area at a time. It's easy to get overwhelmed by a huge task so just focus on 1 draw or shelf at a time.

Step 2 - Go through your containers and get rid of anything that doesn't seal, has cracks or has no matching lid. Invest in good organizer containers, boxes and drawers. The easiest way to get organised is to create a spot for things to live. Also make sure you use clear canisters, this way it's easy to know what you have or are running low on if you can see everything at a glance.

Step 3 - Bag up any plastic bags you have laying around and store together in one place. It's amazing how much space this can clear up.

Step 4 - Organise by use. Pull everything out of the pantry and onto a clean kitchen bench or table, this way you can see everything you have to work with in the once place. Go through everything and purge anything that is expired and make a list of things you need to re buy. Now divide what's left into groups of most frequently used, herbs and spices, baking goods etc so you can start to see all your items and rearrange your shelving layout to accommodate these groups.

Step 5 - If your pantry shelves have been over run by appliances rethink where these could live. Deep draws are great for big bulky appliances or if you don't have any deep draws you could look at taking appliances apart to pack them down smaller, it's not ideal but could help!

Step 6 - If you have kids maybe create a spot on a lower shelf for their lunch boxes to live along with quick snacks and smaller stackable food containers. By keeping these items together, it will make getting out the door to school in the morning quicker for everyone!

Step 7 - And of course label it! A well organised pantry means you can find what you need when you need it and just makes life easier in general!



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