Macrame Landscape Wall Hanging Project

Level: Easy


  • 2 x rolls VALUE ROLL Macrame Cord 80m Natural (93m)
  • CRAFTSMART Wooden Dowel 90cm
  • Craft Glue


Approximate finished size: 90cm wide x 77cm high

KNOTS USED (with Abbreviations)

Larks Head Knots on Mounting Cord (L.H. & M.C)

Half Knot and Square Knot (H.K. & S.K)


Alternating rows of Square Knots

Diagonal Double Half Hitches Left and Right. (DDHH R/L)

Horizontal Double Half HitchesLeft and Right. (HDHH R/L)


WC - Working Cords, term given to cords to make knots.

FC - Filler Cords, term given to cords that knots are made around.


Step 1 - Cut WCs 48 x 170cm and FC 1 x 200cm.

Step 2 - Mount all 48 WCs on Dowel with LHK, there should be 96 WCs.

Step 3 - Fold FC in half and with all WCs HDHHR with all 96 WCs.

Step 4 - Cut FC 1 x 300cm.

Step 5 - Fold new FC in half and mount on the WCs using a mixture of DDHHR at varying angles, it is best to lie the FC along the hanging as you would like it to sit, you can secure at certain points with bulldog clips, adjust the hanging as you go so it sits nicely, the steeper the curve the more likely it will pull.

Step 6 - Fill the next section with alternating SKs approx. 4cm apart from each other, adjust so that they sit nicely under the top curve and create the desired shape for the next section.

Step 7 - Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to create another curve under the SKs.

Step 8 - Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to create another curve however leaving the WCs in the section above un-worked.

Step 9 - Secure all the FCs on each side by folding towards the back and adhering with Craft Glue.

Step 10 - Trim ends and leave or fray as desired.



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