Loom Weaving Project



Warping up: Using your hemp cord, create a &lsquowarp&rsquo by tying one end of your warp thread around the bottom left peg of your loom. Draw up the warp thread around the top left peg and again to the second peg in the bottom left corner. Continue winding the warp this way until you have reached the bottom right corner of loom, then tie off your warp yarn securely with a knot.


Weaving: Select a yarn to begin weaving, we have used &lsquoYana&rsquo in this project. With about 1 meter of yarn, thread your tapestry needle or wind yarn around weaving shuttle. Start on the bottom right hand side of your warp and begin weaving under the first warp thread and over the second. Once at the end of this row, pull the yarn through so you have 10cm of yarn at the end you started at. For the next row, work left to right weaving the yarn around the warp threads opposite to the first row.

Continue weaving in this manner changing colours as desired and leaving about a 10cm end after each colour change. Once your weaving is almost at the top of the loom, you can pull the weaving off the top of the pegs and sew in your warp loops to the back of you weaving or slide the piece of dowel through the warp loops.


Adding Fringe: Using a piece of cardboard (length desired), wrap yarn around cardboard and cut along one edge. With 5 or more lengths of yarn, fold in half. Insert crochet hook through the weaving where you would like to attach your fringe, take your folded yarn and hook it with your crochet hook, then pull through the weaving.



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