Hue Weaving Project



  • Moda Vera Hue - Purple Mix 2 x 50g balls
  • Embroidery Hoop - 20cm diameter
  • String (Warp Thread)
  • Scissors
  • Weaving shuttle or piece of cardboard


Step 1. Remove the outer ring from the embroidery hoop. Tie your warp thread to the hoop, using a slip knot. Pull warp thread straight down over the bottom of the opposite edge of the ring, taking it over the edge and to the back.

Step 2. Take the warp thread up and over the downward thread. Bring the thread over the front of the ring, moving it about 6cm from where you started. Continue taking the thread over the edge and over the other side, just like a figure of 8 until your total number of warps is a number not divisible by 3. For example, we have 20 warp threads, you can finish with 19, or 22 and so on. Ensure to keep the threads in the centre crossing over, until you get to the other side of the ring.

Step 3. Once you reach the last strand, take it around the centre a few times to secure the warp. Take the last strand up to meet with the first thread and tie it to the tail you had made in the beginning.

Step 4. Wind off your yarn onto a weaving shuttle or piece of cardboard, this will make it easier to weave the yarn around your warp threads.

Step 5. Starting in the centre of your warp, begin weaving your yarn over two warp threads and under one warp thread. Repeat this pattern, weaving over two warp threads and under one, to create a "twill" weave effect.

Step 6. Once you have finished weaving around your warp, thread the yarn back down through the previous layers and cut the excess yarn off.

Step 7. Finish your weaving project by wrapping your yarn around the embroidery hoop, working in between your warp threads.

Step 8. Add some lush fringing to the bottom of your hoop. To create fringe, cut long lengths of yarn and attached using a larks head knot.



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