Level: Easy


  • Semco weaving loom
  • Marvel yarn x 6 colours
  • Dowel for hanging
  • Scissors


Step 1 - Start by creating a warp in the loom. Do this by tying a knot at the corner setting it in the first groove. Then, bring the yarn straight down and around the next notch and back up, then across into the next groove. Repeat until all the grooves you need for the width of your project are filled. Ensure that all the yarn is pulled tight.

Step 2 - Tie your weaving yarn on the yarn at one end and weave it through with an over-under pattern. Once you get to the end of the row, tie off the yarn, leaving one to two inches left. You can back weave this into your project for a neat finish.

Step 3 - Continue to add different textures and weaving variations depending on the style and design you are after. Remember to weave loosely across the warp, but continuously push each row firmly against the last one to create a nice full looking wall hanging.

Step 4 - Create a more textured piece by adding fringe or rya knots. To do this first, cut about 15 strands of your yarn about 18 inch long. Find the center of your first bundle and lay it on top of your warp rows. Wrap the end closest to the outer warp row all the way around and pull both ends through the center of the two warp rows. Adjust the bundle so they are centered and then gently pull down. Repeat this all the way across the width of your wall hanging.

Step 5 - To ensure you don't have any strange pieces hanging off the side, turn your loom over and back weave any ends into the warp to neatly finish it.

Step 6 - To remove the bottom half of your warp from you loom, cut and tie the two ends of each notch together.

Step 7 - Then to remove the top of your warp, begin sliding the loops at the top of the loom, one by one onto your dowel.

Step 8 - To finish attach a piece of the cotton yarn to your dowel at both ends and your wall art is ready to hang!



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