Colour Pour Project

Level: Easy

Color Pour Pre-Mixed Paint is water-based acrylic paint. Like all acrylic paints, it will dry to a finish resistant to water.

Color Pour brand paint comes pre-mixed and ready for use. We've removed the trial and error and frustration of getting the optimal pouring consistency. Our paint is formulated at the perfect consistency for pour art projects.


  • Color Pour products
  • Canvas
  • Plastic sheeting or drop cloth
  • Plastic cups
  • Aluminium baking pan
  • Soup cans (or something to prop up your canvas)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Blow torch or hair dryer


Step 1 - Prepare work area. Cover table and floor with a plastic sheeting or drop cloth to protect it from paint splashes or spills and make clean up easier.

Step 2 - Set out plastic cups for pouring paint. Place your canvas propped up in an aluminium baking pan to contain the paint that will be dripping off the canvas. Prop your canvas on a raised surface, metal soup cans are stable enough that they won't tip.

Step 3 - Put on gloves and pour the paints all into one cup, this is called a “dirty pour”.

Step 4 - You can create marbled effects without Cell Magic but if you love the look of cells and lacing in your pour art, Color Pour Cell Magic and a torch or hair dryer is the best way to achieve that look. We recommend using 1/4 teaspoon per 30ml of paint.

Step 5 - Put the canvas on top of the cup and, holding it securely, flip it over. The suction will keep the cup in place until you pull it off.

Step 6 - Pull the cup off and the paint will flow all over the canvas. Let it flow and feel free to tip or roll the canvas around to get the paint where you want it.

Step 7 - Let the canvas dry for a few days, most drying times are 2-3 days but if you pour a thick layer it may take longer.



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