Bleeding Heart Cake Project

Level: Intermediate


  • Your favourite cake recipe
  • Batch of vanilla buttercream
  • 1x Mondo heart cake pan
  • 1x White round cake board
  • 1-2xSugar Blood Drip packet from Spooky Hollow range
  • Wilton rose pink food dye
  • Wilton white non-nonpareils
  • Wilton Piping tips 1M & 8B
  • 1 x Wilton 16" Piping bag
  • Offset spatula


Step 1 - Bake your favourite cake recipe in the 6" Mondo heart tin allow to cool.

Step 2 - Make a batch of butter cream and tint pale pink with rose gel food dye.

Step 3 - Trim the top off the heart cake, and then slice cake in half to make x 2 layers.

Step 4 - Attach the base layer to the cake board and using a knife cut out a hole in the centre of the cake (leave around 5-6cm around each edge)

Step 5 - Pipe a layer of vanilla buttercream, or a filling of your choice around the heart cake. Use a spatula to run the butter cream into the centre hole making sure there are no holes or gaps at the base. We want to this to be well sealed so no liquid can escape! Pop this in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Step 6 - Pour in 1-2 sachets of the Spooky Hollow sugar blood into the centre and then pop the top layer of the heart on.

Step 7 - Using more pink buttercream, cover the cake in a semi naked style.

Step 8 - Use the Wilton rose gel to dye the butter cream further shades of pink and attach a 1M & 8B piping tip to 2 x piping bags. Load up butter cream and pipe fun swirls and spots over the cake-finish with some sprinkles!

Step 9 - SLICE up the cake and horrify your friends as it bleeds all over table!!!!!



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