Halloween Tote Bag Project



  • 70cm of Halloween Quilting Fabric
  • 40cm Fusible Fleece
  • 50cm Wide White Ribbon
  • 50cm Narrow Ribbon (Colour matching your Halloween fabric)
  • Thread and Needle


Step 1. To create this Halloween Tote Bag start by cutting out your Halloween fabric pieces. For the outside wall and outer bottom you will need a 92x25cm and a 30x15cm piece. For the inside wall and inner bottom you will need a 91x25cm and 29x14cm piece. For the handle you will a 13x40cm piece.

Step 2. Next cut your fusible fleece, a 90x24cm and a 29x14cm piece for the tote body, and a 5x35cm piece
for your handle. Fuse your fleece onto the wrong side of your outside wall and outer bottom Halloween cuts, and your handle strip to the wrong side of your handle fabric.

Step 3. To make your handle fold over your excess fabric completely covering your fleece, press and sew.

Step 4. To make you tote bag body, sewing with a 1cm allowance, sew the short ends of your outside
wall together, creating a loop.

Step 5. Next, with your fleece to the outside, sew on your outer bottom piece.

Step 6. Turn your project inside out and repeat step 4 & 5 with your inside wall and inner bottom.

Step 7. Sit your inner bag inside your outer bag and as you pin the top edges together, folding in any excess fabric and incorporate your handle. Sew around your top edge to create a neat top seam and secure your tote bag handle.

Step 8. For the finishing details, tie two bows with yourribbons and hand sew them onto you tote bag before
trimming the length as needed.



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