Soft Toy Reindeer Project

Level: Advanced


  • Shot Cotton Sand - main body
  • Homespun Chestnut - antlers and hooves
  • Homespun White - Side face, gusset,inner ear, tail
  • Homespun Red & Green - scarves
  • Hobbyfill
  • Heat N Bond and small amount ofiron-on interfacing
  • 2 safety eyes
  • 1 flock nose
  • 4 wooden buttons



Attach Heat N Bond to ear inserts. Iron ear inserts on to ear fronts and satin stitch around edges of inserts. Place right sides together on ear backs. Sew around edges leaving short end open. Clip curves, turn right side out and press. Stuff and sew opening closed.


With right sides together, sew around edges leaving short ends open. Clip curves, turn right side out and press. Stuff and sew openings closed.


Iron a small circle of interfacing to sides of head where safety eye is to be attached. Join sides of head to top of head. Sew seam from nose to neck. Attach safety eyes and nose. Attach ears and antlers to the right side of the back of the head. With right sides of fabric together, sew front of head to back of head leaving the neck open. Turn right side out and stuff firmly.


Position tail on to the right side of one body piece and baste. Place body pieces right side together and sew from upper neck to 3cm below the tail.

Sew gusset on to body from neck to below tail on both sides. Turn right side out and stuff firmly. Pin head to body and hand stitch in place, going around twice for strength.


Attach hooves to leg pieces and press seam towards hoof. With right sides facing, sew leg pieces together to make 4 legs leaving a 5cm opening on one side of each leg. Attach soles to each hoof. Turn legs right side out through the opening. Stuff and hand sew opening closed. Attach legs to body 2 at a time using buttons and a long toy needle.


Cut fabric 45cm x 7cm. Fold in half lengthwise. Sew around edge leaving a 5cm opening halfway along longest side. Turn through opening. Press and hand sew opening closed. Tie scarves around neck of deer.



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