Santa Bottle Bag Project

Level: Intermediate


  • 80cm of 112cm wide Red Top Pop fabric
  • 12 x 60cm strip of white polar fleece
  • 50cm of fusible medium/heavy or insulating wadding
  • Gold buckle
  • 60cm of 23mm wide Black ribbon to fit buckle
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler
  • Sewing machine, Sewing thread
  • Iron

Note - 1cm seam allowance is used unless specified.


Inner Holders

Step 1 - From red fabric cut:

  • 4x round pieces measuring 11cm in diameter
  • 4x pieces measuring 23cm high by 30cm wide
  • From wadding cut:
  • 4x round pieces measuring 11cm in diameter
  • 2x pieces of wadding measuring 23cm high by 30cm wide.

Fuse wadding pieces to the back of two of the fabric pieces and two of the circles.

Step 2 - With right sides facing, pin and sew the shorter ends of one of the inner pieces with the wadding, making a tube. Repeat with the other piece with the wadding. Trim wadding back to the seam stitching. Repeat with remaining two pieces leaving a gap of 5cm in the center of the seam for turning out.

Step 3 - With right side facing pin the base circle pieces with the wadding to one of the open ends of the fabric tubes with the wadding. Sew together, trim wadding back to seam stitching. Repeat with remaining pieces.

Step 4 - Turn the two inner with the wadding right way out. Place each holder inside the other two inners. Pin top raw edges edges with the right side of the fabric facing. Sew together. Turn inners the right way out through the opening in the lining side seams. Machine or hand sew the openings closed in the side seams. Place the linings inside the inners with wadding and press the top edges. Top stitch 5mm in from the top edge.

Step 5 - Pin the two inner holders together at the top side and sew together to a length of 6cm from the top edge.

Outer Santa Pants

Step 1 - From template provided, cut from red fabric:

  • 2x outer santa pants pieces
  • 1x back pocket pieces

From white polar fleece, cut out 2x pieces measuring 12cm high by 30cm wide

Step 2 - With wrong sides facing, place one of the polar fleece pieces of fabric to the base edge of one of the santa pants' leg. Fold down the top edge of the polar fleece to align with base raw edges. Baste all three layers together. Turn leg piece over to the right side and fold over the fleece cuff to the right side leaving the seam line of the two fabrics just slightly to the back inside. Baste side edges together. Repeat on other leg piece.

Step 3 - With the right side facing up press the upper part of the pocket piece along the fold line. Sew edges together. Clip corners and turn right way out. Press under seam allowance along all raw outer edges. Top stitch along the top of the pocket to secure pressed edge

Pin the pocket right way up on to the back right outer leg piece. Top stitch pocket in place along the side and base edges leaving the top edge open.

Step 4 - With right sides facing, pin inner leg edges. Sew together and press open.

Turn one leg right way out and place over the other leg pieces right sides facing. Align the center front and back edges and sew together in one long curved seam. Clip curved edges and press seam open.

Turn Santa pants right way out and press.

Step 5 - Press the top raw edge into the fold line of the pants on the inside. Press under again along the fold line. Pin in place.

Cut 2x lengths of fabric measuring7cm wide by 40cm long from red fabric. Press in 1cm along both long edges of strip. Press strip in half aligning long pressed edges. Pin and sew edges together by top stitching 3mm in from edge. Repeat on other long side top stitching 3mm in from pressed edge. Press under 1cm on each raw end of straps.

Pin straps in place along top edge of bag, one end on the inside of the back and the other end crossing over to the front inside, placing each end of strap 4.5cm out from the center on pants, placing the raw pressed under edge under the inside pressed hem of pants.

Pin hem in place close to base edge of hem, securing the ends of strap within the hem stitching.

Belt Loops & Handles

Step 1 - Cut a piece of red fabric measuring 25cm by 3.5cm wide. Press in 1cm along both long edges, then press in half aligning pressed long edges. Sew together by top stitching along both long edges.

To make belt loops cut strip into 5x 5cm long pieces.

Folding under 1cm on the raw end of the straps, pin loops to the pants body - two on the front pants on each side, one strap in the center back and two on the back sides in line with the ones from the front. Sew loops in place on each folded end.

Step 2 - Secure one end of the ribbon to the buckle by sewing in place. Thread other end of ribbon through belt loops on pants. Adjust length of ribbon to desired length of belt threading end through the buckle. Trim ribbon if needed and either hem or heat seal cut ribbon end

Step 3 - Place padded bag inner inside the outer santa pants. Align and pin top edges together. Top stitch around upper outer bag edge, securing the sides of the inner bag only to the outer side of the straps.



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