Level: Easy


  • Semco macrame cord
  • Arbee metal rings 2 pack and 4 pack
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape


Step 1 - Start by cutting 10 cords of macrame measuring 50cm long each. As this are small decorations you only need thin cord so separate the cords, so you have 3 cords. Repeat this for all 10 cords so you have 30 pieces of cord to work with. For the smaller stars you will need 25 pieces of cord and for the larger stars 35. The process for the stars is the same.

Step 2 - Tie each cord around the metal ring using a lark heads knot, repeat until each cord is attached and you have 25 knots (or 35 for the large star).

Step 3 - To create each star point separate the cords so you can focus on 8 cords at a time (or 12 for the large star) Tie these cords into 2 square knots (or 12 into 3 square knots). Then from those square knots tie another square knot in the middle under the 2 above (or 2 under the 3, followed by another 1) until you have formed a triangle shape.

Step 4 - To create the star point, take the cords from the outside edges and tie diagonal clove hitch knots meeting in the center at the point of the star.

Step 5 - To finish use your scissors to snip any excess cords and fray them with your fingers to create the tassel edge look.

Step 6 - Repeat steps 1 - 5 for each point of the star until it is finished. Then attach another piece of cord or ribbon to the top star point for hanging.



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