Kaisercraft Christmas Stars Project




  • Kaiser Craft Paper Range
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue

Kaisercraft Christmas Stars Project
Download Project Instructions Download Kaisercraft Christmas Stars Project


Step 1. Take a square of paper and fold in half. Open out, rotate 90 degress and fold in half again.

Step 2. Open out and fold your paper in half again this time along both diagonals.

Step 3. Flip the paper over and mark a little less than half way down each of the horizontal and vertical creases.

Step 4. Cut down to the pencil marks.

Step 5. Fold the paper in on each side of the cut to form a point. Repeat on all remaining sides.

Step 6. Apply glue or double sided tape to 1 side of each of the points.

Step 7. Fold 1 side of the point over the other and stick down. Do the same on the remaining points to make half a star.

Step 8. Repeat the steps above to make the 2nd half.

Step 9. Apply some more glue to the centre corners of each point.

Step 10. Stick both halves together making sure the points are at 45 degrees from each other.

Step 11. Leave to dry and then hang.

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