How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Project

Level: Easy


  • Christmas Tree
  • Jolly and Joy Bauble 24 pack
  • Jolly and Joy Mini Bauble 30 pack
  • Tinsel or ribbon
  • Star or Angle
  • Jolly and Joy Battery Operated Lights
  • Christmas Picks (optional)
  • Assorted decorations
  • Wire hooks


Step 1 - Unpack and assemble your tree. Spend time, fluffing out each branch on the tree so it looks nice and full and more natural. Separate out each branch so that it fans out and covers as much area as possible. Play with bending the branches too, to fill any gaps. Although this part can be time consuming, it is worth it at the end when you have a beautiful and full tree.

Step 2 - Choose a colour theme for your tree. There are plenty of different decorations out there so to avoid having a Christmas tree that looks a bit random, pick a colour theme and buy your decorations to that theme. This will ensure everything matches and is nice and cohesive. If you're stuck remember to check out Spotlights range of themes for inspiration.

Step 3 - First up, add your lights. Start by wrapping the string of lights up the trunk of your tree, starting from the base. Work your way up the middle of the tree and once you reach the top, you can start to wrap around the outside of the tree branches working your way back down to the ground. If you run out of lights before you finish, battery operated lights are great as you can hide the battery packs in the tree and pick up from where you ran out.

Step 4 - Now it's time to start adding your baubles. Depending on your decorations we recommend clustering three baubles (or decorations) of different sizes to create a balanced and visually appealing tree. Try hanging larger baubles closer towards the centre of the tree and the smaller ones towards the ends of the branches. This will again help create a nice full tree!

Step 5 - Tinsel and ribbon are optional but do look great when done correctly. You may use one ribbon or layer different textures and widths of ribbon but start from the top of your tree and slowly make your way down weaving the ribbon in and out of the branches. Same goes for tinsel if you choose to use it.

Step 6 - Other optional decorations are Tree Picks! They come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pinecones. Use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. Make sure to choose picks with bendable stems to make shaping easier, use sparingly on the tree as they make quite the statement.

Step 7 - Now it's time to place on your tree topper. When choosing your tree topper be sure to choose one that suits your overall theme and more importantly the proportion of your tree!

Step 8 - And lastly add your special decorations! Be sure to place any delicate glass baubles at the top of the tree to avoid being brushed or knocked on the lower branches. If you need to move any of the other decorations that is fine, just ensure your special decorations are in the perfect position at the front of the tree so they are on display for all to see.



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