Christmas Wreath Painting Project

Level: Easy


  • 1 x Canvas
  • Jo Sonja Paints, Napthol Crimson, Green Oxide, Pine Green, Brilliant Green, Burnt Amber, Rich Gold
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Floating frame
  • Battery pack lights
  • Small scissors
  • Sticky tape


Step 1 - Start by lightly drawing your design onto the canvas. We drew a large circle for the wreath and then lightly drew the words "Merry & Bright", you can use a ruler here to ensure the words are straight.

Step 2 - Begin by painting the bottom layer of your wreath using the Burnt Amber paint to create the stems and outline of the circle shapes.

Step 3 - Next paint different leaf shapes, layering the different coloured greens to create a full and detailed looking wreath. Allow paint to dry before painting more detail on top of each layer.

Step 4 - Once all the greenery is dry you can use the Napthol Crimson colour to paint on the berries.

Step 5 - Lastly use the Rich Gold paint to paint over the centre words. Use a smaller paint brush so you can have better control and paint a couple of coats so the gold colour really pops!

Step 6 - To finish use small scissors to cut little holes around the wreath and pop the individual light globes through the canvas from the back. You can use sticky tape to stick down the cord of the lights to the back of the canvas and hold the battery pack in place. Add batteries and switch on to see your painting come to life!



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