Level: Easy


  • Box Advent Calendar
  • 12 x 12" Starry Night Paper Pad
  • Navy Paint
  • Misc Shades of Gold Washi Tapes


Carefully break apart all of the pieces at the small tabs and sand smooth.

Note - Do not sand off the wider tabs as these are the ones you need to assemble.

Before painting - put the unit together without gluing so you know where each piece is positioned.

Use Navy Paint to paint the back, shelves and all edge pieces. Allow to dry, reassemble unit with dividers.

Cut strips of blue bricks, the width of the unit and adhere around the outside of the box.

Cut another piece of the blue bricks into rectangle the size of the frame and glue to the back piece. Cover the inside walls of the frame using desired patterned paper.

Assemble all of the little boxes, taping together each side for added strength before covering in strips of paper.

Cut up the numbered page and adhere each square to the front of each box.

Decorate the inside of the frame by cutting up floral elements from the papers and layering. Further decorate as desired.



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