Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project




  • 3 x 8� Round Roberts Confectionery Vanilla Cake. (See back of packet for instructions)
  • 300g Roberts Confectionery White Melting Buttons
  • Roberts Confectionery Black Powder Dye
  • Roberts Confectionery White Powder Dye
  • Roberts Confectionery Red Powder Dye
  • 300g Roberts Confectionery Dark Melting Buttons
  • Roberts Confectionery Non Pareils White
  • Roberts Confectionery Non Pareils Blue
  • Roberts Confectionery Non Pareils Red
  • Roberts Confectionery Non Pareils Pink
  • Roberts Confectionery Pearlised White
  • Roberts Confectionery Pearlised Pink
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Roberts Confectionery Musk Flavour
  • 900g White Satin Ice
  • 300g Blue Satin Ice
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Pink Musk Sticks
  • White Chocolate Truffles Coated in White Non Pareils - Optional
  • Roberts Confectionery Large Teddy Bear Mould No.137
  • Toothpicks
  • Roberts Confectionery Truffles Mould No. 21
  • Roberts Confectionery Assorted Chocolate Bar Shape No.36
  • Cake Discs and Cake Dowels - Optional.

Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project
Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project Download Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project



Melt 300g White Buttons using the instructions on the back of the packet. Teddy Bear Eyes, Nose and Mouth Spoon a small amount of Melted Buttons into a bowl. Colour with Black Powder Dye. Use a toothpick to dot Black coloured buttons into the eyes, nose and mouth cavity of each Teddy Bear. Leave to set. Repeat this step using White Powder Dye. Add White melted buttons to the mouth and ears and leave to set.


Colour remaining melted buttons with a small amount of Red Powder Dye to create your preferred shade of pink. Spoon into 3 - 4 Teddy Bear Moulds.

Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project Download Teddy Bear Drizzle Cake Project
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