Slime Filled Troll Cupcake Project


Step 1 - Bake a batch of cupcakes using your favourite recipe or a packet mix. Take a hole out of the center of each cupcake, there is a handy tool called a cupcake corer which does this job quick and fast, otherwise a spoon can do the job. Fill the well you created with Princess Pink Edible Slime from Over The Top.

Step 2 - Next, load up your icecream scoop with Pink Over the Top Buttercream - the colour is a great match! Press firmly onto the cupcake so it adheres to it and won't move when you take the scooper off.

Handy tip - if you press firmly now, you retain the shape and won't need to press it later on.

Press the handle of the ice cream scoop and gently wiggle it so that you don't ruin the shape of the ball but are able to remove the scooper, leaving what looks like a perfect scoop on your cupcake. Repeat for all 12 cupcakes.

Handy tip - if your shape isn't to your liking, repeat, or wait an hour for the buttercream to firm up and you can smooth lightly with your fingertips if you have rough edges.

Step 3 - To make the ears - Roll out a small portion of Pink Fondtastic Fondant and cut out 2 x 2cm circles using the thickest guides on your rolling pin. Cut a little side off each of the circles. Pinch the side you cut off slightly inwards to give them a bit of shape to look like ears. Pop them on either side of Princess Poppy's head, resting on the cupcake wrapper is a good idea as it will ensure they don't fall off later and scare a 4 year old.

Step 4 - Next up roll a small ball of Pink fondant between your fingertips. You can either leave it as a ball (which is easier) or try shaping her nose a little. Her nose is a round blob in the middle and tappers out on the side. Pop into place and then roll out a little white fondant as we are moving onto the eyes and layer up the fondant to get the right effect. Using a large straw, (bubble tea straws are great for this job) punch out 2 eyes and put aside.

Step 5 - Next roll out some pink and grab the next sized down straw, this was a regular bendy straw. Punch out 2 pink circles and then pop the pink circles on top of the white circles and secure into place with a small amount of edible sugar glue

Step 6 - Then roll out a little bit of black fondant. With your smallest straw, punch out 2 pupils. Secure the pupils in place with a little sugar glue. If you want finer details you can roll the tiniest dot of white and it in the top corners of the black pupils as "points of light" in the eyes.

Step 7 - Next is the headband, roll out a little bit of Leaf Green Fondtastic Fondant and using your Embosser Wheel on the smooth wheel, trim out a .5cm strip per cupcake and put aside.

Step 8 - To create the flowers on her headband roll out a little Royal Blue Fondant Using the second smallest Blossom Plunger, plunge out 4 flowers per cupcake. I put a little blue ball of fondant into each blossom to finish them off a little.

Step 9 - Place the pashmak or fairyfloss onto the cupcakes just before serving. At times, pashmak lasts ½ a day on me, other times, it's melting within 10 minutes of being out of the bag.

Note - Don't put pashmak into the fridge, it will instantly melt when it comes out.

With clean dry fingers, pull a tuft of pashmak out and use a pair of scissor to trim the length you want, approx 5 to 6cm in length. Then pinch the bottom 3rd section as it places well onto her head this way for a realistic effect.

Step 10 - Next up, wrap the head band around each cupcake securing the seam/join at the back. Use a little sugar glue to secure the flowers into place. If you want to get a little creative, you can make eye liner and lashes for Poppy by taking a little bit of black fondant and rolling it between my finger tips for a fine line to place over the eyes.



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