Surf Cupcakes Project



  • 12 Cupcakes
  • 'Mondo' cranked spatula 8 inch
  • 'Over The Top' buttercream - for this project we mixed white, blue, pastel blue, pastel pink and purple
  • 'Mondo' Piping Bags
  • 'Mondo' Cupcake Decorating Set
  • 'Fondtastic' Fondant or Gumpaste in white and black
  • 'Over the Top' Tylose Powder (Optional)
  • 'Mondo' Fondant rolling pin
  • 'Mondo' Fondant Knife or 'Mondo' Fondant Cutter & Embosser
  • 'Fondtastic' Fondant Mat
  • 'Over The Top' Sprinkles - for this project we used Mermaid Mix
  • 'Over The Top' Food Pens
  • 'Chefmaster' Edible Colour Spray - for this project we used Pearl


Step 1 - Prepare shark fins & surfboards.

You can use gumpaste or fondant for these toppers. Gumpaste will dry faster and firmer than fondant, but either can be used. If you use fondant you need to allow 24 hours for them to dry firm enough prior to colouring in your surfboards. Fondant generally tastes better than gumpaste. You can speed up drying time of Fondant by adding Over The Top Tylose Powder. Prepare your fondant or gumpaste by kneading gently on the Fondtastic mat. Roll out to thin (2-3mm) consistency. Cut out your shapes using fondant knife or cutter. Do not use sharp knives on your Fondtastic

Mat. You can make your own shapes with paper first to make sure you are happy with sizing and shape for your cupcakes and use this as a guide for your fondant.

Cut out your shapes and leave to firm up prior to colouring in.

Step 2 - Colour Surfboards

Once the fondant or gumpaste is firm enough you can create your own designs using Over The Top edible food pens. You can colour as you would use standard textas. You can create water colour effects using a paint brush with a small amount of water on it - but be careful - water can dissolve and soften gumpaste and fondant.

Tip - you can be inspired by designs prom Pinterest. Start off with lighter colours first then add darker colours and outlines. Allow colours to dry before layering other colours, otherwise colours will mix.

Step 3 - Prepare cupcakes for decorating. To have a clean finish on you cupcakes before piping, you can use your spatula to spread a thin cover of buttercream prior to piping.

Prepare your piping bag by setting up the coupler from your cupcake decorating set and choosing your piping tip (we used 1M for this project). The benefit of the coupler is that you can change which piping tip you are using on the piping bag if you prefer different designs.

Step 4 - Prepare buttercream & piping

Use clean spatulas (or butter knives) to mix your buttercream in their tubs and put a tablespoon of your preferred colours in the piping bag. You can alternate colours to your choosing. If you prefer lighter shades use more white buttercream to create pastel shades. If you prefer darker shades, use colours straight from tubs. Ensure there are no air bubbles in your piping bag and pipe a small amount to check no air bubbles prior to piping on cupcake. Pipe your cupcakes.

Tip - you can prevent colours from mixing if you prefer, by using one piping bag for each colour, then placing bags into one piping bag with coupler and piping tip.

DO NOT over fill otherwise you will not be able to pipe easily.

Step 5 - Decorate with sprinkles & toppers

Decorate with sprinkles prior to buttercream 'crusting' so that sprinkles stick to buttercream.

Gently push your shark fins into position and lay your surfboards on top of the buttercream. You can spray the Chefmaster Edible spray (Pearl) gently over your cupcakes decorations for added sparkle.




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