Slime Mermaid Cupcakes Project


Step 1 - Bake a batch of cupcakes using your favourite recipe.

Step 2 - Grab a tub of White Over the Top Buttercream - use 2 mixing bowls and add a little white to each, then colour one green with Chef Master Leaf Green Gel food colour and the other with Chefmaster Sky Blue Gel Food Colour.

Steps 3 - With the back of a spoon, or an offset Mondo small Palette Knife, randomly scrape along the inside of a piping bag spoon full of blue and green buttercream and filling the centre with the White Buttercream. Then give the pipping bag a little gentle squish around to blend the colours a bit. Use a Star piping tip from the Mondo set of 4 piping tips and the pipping coupler, you can change tips if you want too.

Handy Tip - you can use the Green and Blue buttercream straight from the Over The Top Buttercream ranges instead of colours, pick whatever method is easier for you.

Step 4 - For this style, pipe a round swirl of buttercream around the outer edge of the cupcake, leaving the centre empty to fill with edible slime. Fill the centre well with Tropical Blue Over The Top Edible Slime and drizzle it around the outside of the buttercream to create a fun water look. Pipe all 12 cupcakes in this style or mix it up a bit.

Step 5 - Next colour 4 x little ball (approx 150 grams) of White Fondtastic Gumpaste into colours - Chefmaster Soft Pink, Violet, Leaf Green and Sky Blue. Only use a small amount of the colour as they are very strong.

Step 6 - Using a Mermaid tail silicone mould, fill the mould by pushing the gumpaste into the mould and pushing firmly and then making the back level. Gently pop the mermaid tails out of the moulds and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Remember you need to make 12 tails.

Handy tip - you can shape the tails however you like while they are soft - you can turn your tails slightly to the right and left, so they aren't completely vertical. You can insert a toothpick into each one if you are concerned your tails won't stay upright properly, just remember to let any guests with small children know about the toothpicks for safety reasons.

Step 7 - Next, using Over The Top Sprinkles and all the gum paste creations to decorate your cupcakes. You can also use a sea shell mould to make some cute sea shells in the gumpaste too. Have a bit of fun with the tails using edible glitters, petal dust and Over The Top spinkles to decorate. Just brush an Over The Top Edible Sugar Glue on the tails and then decorate them in any style you like. You may prefer to keep them neutral and add no decorations, they will look awesome too!



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