Slime Eyeball Cupcakes Project

Level: Intermediate



Step 1 - Bake a batch of cupcakes using your favourite recipe and leave to cool. Once cool fill an ice cream scoop with White Over the Top Buttercream, press firmly as you want the finished product to be full and round. Scrape off the excess so that it's level with the scoop, then press the scoop firmly onto the cupcake so it adheres to it and won't move when you take the scooper off.

Handy tip - if you press firmly now, you retain the shape and won't need to press it on later.

Press the handle of the ice cream scoop and gently wiggle it so that you don't ruin the shape of the ball but are able to remove the scooper, leaving what looks like a perfect scoop on your cupcake.

Repeat for all 12 cupcakes.

Handy tip - if your shape isn't to your liking, repeat, or wait an hour for the buttercream to firm up and you can smooth lightly with your fingertips if you have rough edges.

Step 2 - Using the table spoon of your measuring spoon gently scoop out a spoonful of buttercream to create the socket for the slime to sit in.

Handy Tip - if you edge the spoon into the side then turn the spoon in a circle it creates the well in the centre and keeps a nice round shape.

Next, using the back of the table spoon, push into the buttercream as it flattens the scoop out a little and keeps the well shape of the eyeball.

Step 3 - Using the table spoon again, scoop in enough Over The Top Edible Slime (in your chosen colour) to just fill the well you created.

Handy tip - Using 2 spoons to do this job makes it so much easier! If the slime isn't smooth enough, place in the fridge for 5mins for the slime to firm up and you can then smooth with your fingers.

Step 4 - Using the Mondo Rolling pin with the thickest guides (the guides help ensure when you roll out the fondant and gumpaste, it's an even thickness every time - roll out a small portion of Black Fondtastic Fondant and using a small round cutter (approx 2cm) punch out 12 "pupils" for your cupcakes. Place the pupils in the centre of each of the edible slime iris'.

Step 5 - Then roll out a small portion of White Fondtastic Fondant using the thinnest guides on your rolling pin and using a straw, punch out 12 white dots - these will be your points of light for the eyeballs.

Handy tip - it you blow the straw from the other side, the dot will pop right out.

Step 6 - To finish use a tiny dot of Over The Top Sugar Glue - place the white point of light dot on the black pupil part of the eye for a more realistic look.



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