Mermaid Tail Cupcakes Project


Step 1 - Prepare Mermaid Tails - Prepare Fondant on fondant mat by lightly kneading. Place enough fondant in fondant mould to fill it and remove excess. Turn mould over and gently remove fondant from mould by letting it drop out onto 'Fondtastic' mat. Allow to dry over night. You can do solid colour tails, or you can create a marbelled effect by mixing in small amounts of each colour. You can add 'Over the Top' Tylose to the fondant to speed up drying and set up time for mermaid tails. You can use white gumpaste instead of fondant so that the tails dry and set up within a few hours.

Step 2 - Piping Cupcakes - Prepare piping bag, cut off the tip and insert the star nozzle. Then prepare 3 bags with a small quantity of pastel pink, purple and pastel blue buttercream icing inside each bag, cut the tips off and place these 3 bags inside the piping bag with the nozzle inserted. Pipe buttercream onto each cupcake by swirling in circular motion from centre to outer edge.

The information

Tip - do not over fill the piping bags as this will make it difficult to pixie the buttercream through.

Step 3 - Placing Decoration - Gently push set mermaid tails into room temperature buttercream. If you try to push tails into cold or crusted buttercream they may break or not sit firmly into buttercream. Sprinkle 'Over The Top' Mermaid/Unicorn sprinkles over buttercream. Optional addition is to use 'Chefmaster' Pearl Edible Spray to add extra shimmer effect to buttercream and toppers.



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