Magical Peppermint Unicorn Cake Project

Level: Advanced


  • Brown Gel Food Coloring Icing Color
  • Buttercup Yellow Gel Food Coloring Icing Color
  • White Sugar Pearl Sprinkles, 5 oz.
  • Black Icing Color, 1 oz.
  • Christmas Red Gel Food Coloring Icing Color
  • Red-Red Icing Color, 1 oz.
  • Gold Color Mist Shimmering Food Color Spray, 1.5 oz.
  • White Decorator Icing - 4.5 lb. (4-1/2 cups icing needed)
  • Ready-To-Use Gum Paste (3 oz. needed)
  • Favorite Cake Mix or Recipe
  • Flower Wave Fondant and Gum Paste Drying Rack
  • Decorating Tip 3 (2 needed)
  • Cake Decorating Tools, 5-Piece Brush Set
  • Fondant Cutter Set, 3-Piece Fondant Tools
  • Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 6 x 3-Inch
  • 12-Inch Disposable Decorating Bags, 24-Count
  • Standard Coupler
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 1M
  • #10 Round Piping Tip
  • #9 Round Decorating Tip
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 21
  • 6-inch Lollipop Sticks
  • 9-inch Fondant Roller (purple guides used)
  • #12 Round PipingTip
  • #92 Open Star Decorating Tip
  • #94 Open Star Decorating Tip
  • Leaf Fondant Cut-Outs Set ("A" and "C" cutout used)


Step 1 - One day ahead, make gum paste ears.

Using fondant roller with purple guide rings, roll out 1 oz. gum paste. Using knife, cut out ear shape similar to image, leaving 1/4 in. border. Repeat for two ears. Combine Buttercup Yellow and Brown icing colors for gold color shown. Combine Christmas Red and Red-Red icing colors for red color shown. Using color combinations provided, tint 1/2 oz. gum paste gold and 1 oz. gum paste red. Set red gum paste aside in a covered container or plastic bag. Using fondant roller with purple guide rings, roll out gold gum paste. Cut out two ear shapes. Using damp brush, attach gold inner ear to white ears. Spray small amount Gold Color Mist in bowl. Using brush, paint inner ear gold. Repeat with other ear, reversing cutter for the other ear. Place both ears in flower drying rack to dry overnight. Using 1/2 oz. red gum paste - roll out the gum paste using the pink guide rings. Cut approximately 40 circles with small end of tip 12. Roll into balls and set overnight.

Step 2 - Also one day ahead, make gum pastehorn.

Roll red gum paste into 1-3/8 in. ball. Roll white gum paste into 1-3/8 in. ball. Roll each ball into cone, about 61/4 in. long. Using damp brush, attach larger ends together, then twist colors together. Insert lollipop stick in base of horn, going in about two-thirds of the way. Place in flower drying rack to dry overnight.

Step 3 - Bake cake.

Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Level, fill and stack for 6 in. high cake. Ice cake smooth with white decorating icing.

Step 4 - Decorate cake.

Insert horn and ears into cake. Prepare one decorating bag with tip 1M. Prepare second decorating bag with coupler. Fill both bags with white icing. Using 1M bag, pipe rosettes and stars for mane. Repeat with coupler bag, piping stars, dots and rosettes with tips 3, 10 and 5. Pipe stars and rosettes with tips 14, 32 and 21. Using Black icing color, tint 1/4 cup icing black. Prepare decorating bag with tip 3 and black icing. Pipe eyes on cake. Add red gum paste balls to make cheeks. Add additional red balls and white Sugar Pearls on unicorn mane.



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