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Heart Candy Cookies Project
Download Project Instructions Download Heart Candy Cookies Project


Step 1. Use heart cookie cutter to create your cookies! We used a basic sugar cookie recipe.

Step 2. Pour Mondo Royal Icing mix into a large mixing bowl and add 4TS of water. Mix until icing forms.

Step 3. Divide icing into small bowls. Tint each with a different food colouring, starting with just a drop, mixing well, and adding more, drop by drop, to reach desired shade.

Step 4. Pipe icing around outline of each heart cookie and allow to dry.

Step 5. Add an additional 1TS of water to each bowl of icing and mix well. The icing needs to reach an almost liquid consistency.

Step 6. Re-fill piping bag with watered down mixture and flood each cookie with icing (the outline around each cookie will stop the icing from overflowing!)

Step 7. Allow cookies to dry overnight.

Step 8. Write messages on your heart cookies using Chefmaster Food Decorating Pens.

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