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Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project




  • 2kg Roberts Confectionery Chocolate Mud Cake Mix
  • Two 8" x 3" Round Cakes
  • Roberts Confectionery Hazelnut Flavour
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • 10" round silver Masonite Cake Board
  • Berries, Nuts and Fruit
  • Fresh or Imitation Flowers &ndash Optional
  • Florist Wire and Tape - Optional
  • Cake Discs and Dowels - Optional

Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project
Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project Download Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project


Step 1

8" Cakes

Line the base and sides of each cake tin with baking paper. Make sure the paper around the sides is raised 2-2 1/2cm above the top of the tin.

Follow the detailed instructions on the back of the cake mix packet to make 2 separate batches of the 1kg recipe.

Pour one batch into each 8" cake tin. Bake according to instructions.

Step 2

Flavour Swiss Meringue Buttercream with drops of Hazelnut Flavour. Alternatively choose another Flavour Oil or Flavour Colour from the Roberts range.

Step 3

Slice each cake into three or four even layers. Secure the first layer onto the cake board using a small amount of buttercream icing. Stack and fill layers with piped buttercream.

Tip: To create a perfectly straight even cake every time, use a small spirit level. For extra support when making this style of cake it&rsquos best to use Cake Discs and Dowels between cakes.

Step 4

Use a clean dry pastry brush to dust off loose cake crumbs.  Cover the entire cake with a thin layer of Buttercream. This is called the "Crumb Coat". Refrigerate until set.
Cover the cake with a second layer of buttercream. Use a wide spatula or scraper to smooth the sides to reveal cake layers.

Step 5

Decorate with Berries, Nuts and Fruit.
Wire and tape flowers. Form a bouquet, secure tightly using Florist Tape. Do not insert flowers directly into the cake.  Attach a piece of Fondant to the cake and insert wired flowers. Alternatively use Straws, Cake Flower Spikes or lay bouquet on a piece of baking paper.


  • If using fresh flowers consult a florist to ensure they are suitable for cake display.
  • If using imitation flowers ensure coloured dyes won&rsquot affect the icing.
  • Adjust the amount of cake layers depending on the size of the flowers you are using.
Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project Download Chocolate Rustic Naked Cake Project
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