Bunny Cake Project




Step 1.Line the base and sides of cake tin with baking paper

Step 2.Bake 3 x 8" cakes using Roberts Vanilla mud cake mix. Refer to instructions on the back of the pack

Step 3.Allow to cool completely before continuing

Step 4.Roll out some gum paste to create the facial features of the bunny

Step 5.First cut out two identical shaped ears about 10mm thick and 6" high and insert a skewer half way through each ear

Step 6. Cut to shape some pink fondant/gum paste and stick to the inside of the ears. Fold the top half of one bunny ear so that it hardens that way and allow to dry for a few hours

Step 7.Roll out two 4cm round balls with white gum paste and flatten them slightly. Insert three toothpicks into the back and allow to dry. These will make up the bunny's snout

Step 8. Roll out a 2cm round ball in the pink fondant/gum paste to represent the bunny nose. Insert a toothpick at the back and allow to harden

Step 9. Next, roll out two larger 8cm balls of gum paste and gently shape them to resemble bunny feet. Using a veining tool, make toe imprints on the bunny foot and allow to harden

Step 10.Then roll out some black gum paste and measure out six strips, roughly 2-3cm long to represent the bunny's whiskers as well some for the bunny's eyelids. Allow to dry

Step 11.Next, prepare the buttercream (add flavor of choice using Wiltons teratology range)

Step 12.Secure first cake on a cake board with some buttercream in the middle

Step 13.Then pipe the perimeter of the cake with buttercream using Wilton tip #2A

Step 14.With a spatula fill the inside of the cake with more buttercream until it is all covered

Step 15.Repeat the last two steps with second cake and the add the third cake on top

Step 16.Next apply a thin layer of buttercream on cake this is called the crumb coat. Refrigerate until set

Step 17.Once set, apply a second coat of buttercream, smoothing it out evenly using a scraper. Fill in any gaps that might appear with more buttercream and keep smoothing, until you are happy with the result

Step 18.Allow to set in the fridge

Step 19.Once set, secure the cake on the cake board using some buttercream

Step 20.Insert the bunny ears, nose and snout to sit in place as well as the black whiskers, eyes and feet.



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