Ruffle Zip Pouch Project



  • 0.3m of 112cm wide of Broadcloth fabric
  • 15cm zipper
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot
  • Iron

Note - 1.5cm seam allowance is used unless specified


Step 1 - From broadcloth fabric cut:

  • 1x 6cm high by 17cm wide (front top) 1x 10cm high by 17cm wide (front base)
  • 3x 14cm high by 17cm wide (back and lining)
  • 1x 12cm high by 45cm wide (frill)

Step 2 - With wrong sides facing, fold and press the long 12 x 45cm strip of fabric in half aligning long raw edges at the top.

Step 3 - Using a long machine stitch, stitch raw edges together 5mm in from edge and another row of stitching 10mm in from edge leaving the threads long. Pull threads at one end to gather up the frill to a length of 17cm. Work the ruffles along the thread gently, being sure not to pull too hard and break the thread.

Step 4 - Pin the gathered raw edge of frill to one of the long edges of the front top piece of fabric with right sides facing. Baste in place.

Step 5 - Pin the front base piece, right side down, over the top of the frill aligning raw edges and sew together through all layers. Press seam up.

Step 6 - Top stitch on the front of fabric 2-3mm up from the frill seam. Baste the raw side edges of the frill to the side edges of the front base piece.

Step 7 - Place zip, right side down and centered, on top edge of the right side of frill front pieces Carefully align the top edges. With the right side facing down, place one of the lining pieces of fabric on top of the frill front piece and zip. Pin upper edges and sew together through all layers with a zipper foot.

Step 8 - Flip the lining piece of fabric right way around, and sew to the back of the outer fabric with the zip to the side. Press fabric firmly away from the zip.

Step 9 - Top stitch fabric through all layers from the top to the end of the zipper teeth.

Step 10 - Repeat with remaining fabric pieces and attach fabric to the other side of the zip.

Step 11 - Ensuring that the zip is open, with right sides together, pull the lining pieces of fabric together to one side of the zip and the outer pieces of fabric together on the other side of the zip. Pin all outer edges together and sew together, leaving a small opening at the base of the lining fabric. Clip corners and trim away any excess fabric to remove bulkiness.

Step 12 - Turn the pouch right way out through the opening in the lining. Top stitch the opening in the lining closed and place the lining within the pouch. Press case flat.



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