Batik Tote Bag Project

Level: Intermediate


Note - 1cm seam allowance is used unless specified


Step 1 - Arrange 50x 10cm squares in desired layout in a 5 square high by 10x square wide layout.

Step 2 - With right sides facing pin and sew the first two squares of the first row together. Press seam to one side. Sew the next squares together in the same manner in the same row. Sew the first two sewn squares together to the next sewn squares together, but press the seam to the other side. Repeat to complete sewing all squares together in the first row. Each seam should be pressed in alternating directions.

Step 3 - Repeat the same process to sew together the next row of squares, pressing the seams the opposite direction to the first row. With right sides together, sew the first row together with the second row, aligning each seam (allowances in each seam alignment should be pressed in opposite directions to allow the seam to fit together with less bulkiness)

Repeat process to complete the outer bag until a 10x square wide by 5 square high piece is achieved. Press flat.

Step 4 - Cut a piece of wadding measuring 82cm wide by 38cm high. Fuse wadding to the back of the bag outer. Lay outer flat right side up and pin through both layers and regular intervals to keep wadding in

place while topstitching. Topstitch through both layers 5mm on either side of each seam of the outer fabric. Press flat.

Step 5 - Trim off a strip off the base edge of the outer to a height of 4cm along the whole width of the bag. With side sides facing, sew the side edges of the outer together, aligning all seams. Trim wadding from seam and press open. Turn right way out and topstitch the side seam the same as the outer squares. Press outer back to the inside. Slightly shift the seam to the side so that the two side edges of the outer and centered to one of the squares. Pin base edges together, aligning all seams. Sew base edges together. Trim wadding from the seam and press open. Open out the base corners of the outer to box out the base. Sew across the seam line of the width of the side square. Trim away excess from seam and turn bag right way out. Press out base corners.

Step 6 - To make the handles cut two 8cm wide by 63cm long strips from fabric. Cut two strips of wadding 3cm wide by 63cm long. With wrong sides together, press strips of fabric in half, aligning the long edges. Open back out, and place wadding strip on wrong side of fabric aligning edge of wadding with pressed center of fabric. Fuse wadding to fabric. Press in 1cm along both long edges of straps and then press the handle back in half, pinning long pressed edges together. Sew straps together by stitching along the pinned long edge 5mm in from the edge. Top stitch along the other long edges of the straps, 5mm in from the pressed long edge. If desired, topstitch more rows of stitching in between, spacing evenly apart.

Step 7 - With right side facing, pin the raw edges of one of the straps to the top raw edge of one of the sides of the bag, aligning the outer edge of the strap with the outer edge of the two center squares. Sew in place. Repeat with the remaining strap on the other side of the bag.

Step 8 - Cut a piece of lining fabric measuring 38cm high by 82cm wide. With right sides facing, sew side seams together, press open. Sew base edges together leaving a 10cm gap in the center of the seam for turning out. Open out the base corners of the lining to box out the base. Aligning the side and base seams, sew across the corner to a length of 8cm. Trim away excess from seam.

Step 9 - With the outer bag right way out, place inside the lining. With right sides facing, align the top edges of the bag matching the sides of the lining to the center of the side squares of the outer bag. Ensure the handles are facing down, sew the top edges together. Pull the bag the right way out through the opening in the base of the lining. Sew the opening closed. Push the lining fully inside the out and press flat. Top stitch along the upper edge of the bag 5mm down from the top pressed edge.



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