Flannel Baby Blanket Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:


Step 1 - Cut 2 pieces - 1.05 x 1.05 m squares. One piece in the main fabric and one piece in the accent fabric.

Step 2 - Lay the two flannelette squares right sides together. On one corner, between the two layers, insert the heading tape diagonally. Both ends of the heading tape should come down from the corner of the flannelette by 10cm.

Step 3 - With right sides together using a 2.5cm seam allowance, sew around all four edges. Leaving a 20cm opening on one of the edges.

Step 4 - Turn right sides out and lightly press with a cool to warm iron.

Step 5 - Using a 0.5cm seam allowance, sew the opening, closed.

Step 6 - Find the centre point of the square, we did this by folding in half diagonally, and then again in half diagonally and marked the middle.

Step 7 - Laying the piece back out flat, mark a cross in the centre, half a meter long. Top stitch over this cross, securing both layers of the flannelette together. Your baby blanket is ready!



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