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Transform The Serenity Of Your Space With Reed Diffusers

When styling your home, people often think of the visible effects their decor pieces have. It's also important to consider the hidden details such as the aromas that exist in your space. Selecting specific aromas can have an effect on the feelings your space provokes. Transform the feel of your home with delectable fragrance diffusers that allow you to relax and enjoy your space. Create a calming space that will instantly boost your mood with reed diffusers from great brands at Spotlight.

Reed Diffuser FAQs

What is a reed diffuser?

Usually housed in a glass bottle, a reed diffuser features a liquid aroma along with sticks that soak in the fragrance and emit a scent throughout your space. These diffusers are available in a range of aromas that have a variety of effects on your mood and relaxation.

How to use a reed diffuser?

Typically available in sets, reed diffusers usually include both the diffuser and the reeds to emit the fragrance. Following the packaging instructions to ensure a seamless installation process. Most reed diffusers require you to dip both ends of the reeds into the fragrant oil before resting them in the bottle to allow the fragrance to spread throughout your room. Reed diffusers typically feature clear glass bottles that allow you to see the amount of liquid currently present in your diffuser. Some diffusers are compatible with refillable reeds in case yours become damaged in their use.

How long do reeds last in a reed diffuser?

Most reeds last between 3 to 6 months in a reed diffuser. However, this timeline may differ depending on the volume of the fragrant oil and the quality of the reeds. As always, follow the package instructions for more information.

Create A Homely Ambience In Your Space With the Home Fragrance Range at Spotlight

The perfect finishing touch to your home styling is to incorporate a home fragrance of your choice. Fragrances are available in many forms. For those who want to set the mood with additional lighting, candles are a great option as they emit light while also releasing an aroma. For those looking for a quicker and more portable approach to releasing a fragrance throughout their space, a room spray is what you're after. Another incredible option for establishing a homely ambience is incorporating incense and potpourri into your living space.

Find The Right Reed Diffusers At Spotlight

Shop Reed Diffusers at Spotlight for a great range of home fragrances. Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver straight to your door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best reed diffusers for your space. For more information on our range of fragrances, read through our candles and home fragrances buying guide.



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